Mobile A-Frame Gantry Cranes

Mobile Gantry Cranes

A-Frame/Mobile Gantry Cranes are just one of the many types of Lifting Equipment that we supply at Harold Potter Ltd – They are a free standing structure comprising a runway beam and two supports assembled in a goalpost-like configuration. The supports are usually mounted on wheels or castors to enable the structure to be relocated by man power only; they may however be mounted on free standing feet requiring the structure to be dismantled for transportation.

A-Frame/Mobile Gantry Cranes are widely used in industry in conjunction with hand or power operated lifting appliances where a temporary runway structure is required to perform both lifting and linear moving operations. They represent a cost effective method of providing a lifting structure where the purchase of a permanent installation cannot be justified or where the load cannot be positioned under a fixed structure. Their portability enables them to be used conveniently in more than one location, but this imposes restrictions as to their use.

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