At Harold Potter Ltd we sell, hire and manufacture many different types of crane – from Overhead Travelling Cranes to Jib Cranes.

We know it can be daunting to try to work out the best crane for your specific needs. So we’ve put together some questions to help you to choose the right type of crane.

Understanding the different types of crane available will help you to make an informed decision when you buy. Just thinking about exactly what you need will save you time and money – letting you know that you have chosen the best and safest crane for the job.


There are so many different types of cranes on the market that there are some things that we need to know from you before we can help you pick the right crane.

The Basics

How heavy are the goods you need to lift?
Where will you be using the crane?
What size are the goods you will be lifting?


Further Considerations

How frequently will you use the crane?
What exactly do you need the crane to do?
Will you be using the crane in a fixed location – or do you need one that can be easily moved?
Do you just need two axis of hook movement – or will you need three?
Will the crane make the job safer for you and your staff?


Once you have answered these basic questions we can begin to discuss the most suitable lifting equipment for you.

Budget Concerns

We understand that your budget will also be an important consideration in your choice of crane. While we always take this into account, our primary concern is to help you find the most effective type of crane for your needs.

It is all too easy to simply choose the cheapest crane – but if this isn’t suitable for the situation it won’t be as effective and will most likely lose you money. So we help you to find the most cost-effective crane that will help your job to run more efficiently.

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Showing all 6 results